Pergolas and roofs.

Manufactured in GFRC, fiberglass and combined.

We have finishes in fine wood, regional wood or bamboo and various shades.

We apply polyurethanes and sunscreens that prevent the discoloration of the elements exposed to the sun.

In exteriors, the main structure can be made in GFRC cast on site or in a metal structure covered with fiber.

Thus, anti-hurricane elements, easily installable and with very low maintenance, are achieved, becoming the ideal solution for hotels and residential.

Indoor, fiberglass pergolas can be made, resulting in very light structures and quick to install.

Designs and finishes are fully customizable.

Options .


GFRC pergolas for large spans

Casted GFRC pergolas

Mixed GFRC and fiberglass pergolas

Fiberglass pergolas for false ceilins

Fiberglass pergolas, imitation steel



Pieces of 1.09 x 1.09 meters.

Fiber, 9 Kg/m2

GFRC, 31 Kg/m2

Separated logs

2″ in diameter, up to 6 meters in lenght.

Fiber, 8 kg/m2

Waterproof logs

Pieces of 2.12 x 1 meter.

Fiber, 16 kg/m2

Glass cover

Pieces up to 2.5 x 1.5 meters.

6+6 tempered glass, 30 kg/m2

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